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NBN service rules for telcos

If you sell NBN services you must follow the rules we set.

Rules NBN telcos must follow

We have put in place a range of rules to ensure that you look after your customers as they move to the NBN. Our rules require you to:

  • give customers the information they need to choose an NBN plan
  • keep customers connected to their internet and phone service when moving them to the NBN
  • confirm that a customer’s NBN service is working

Information you must give your customers

You must give the right information to customers before they buy an NBN plan. These rules are set out in the Telecommunications (NBN Consumer Information) Industry Standard 2018.

This information should help them choose a plan that’s right for them. It should also help prepare them for the move to the NBN. You must give the following to your customers:

  • key facts sheets that include specific information
  • specific information on speeds customers can get from your service 
  • advice on keeping phone numbers when moving to the NBN 
  • information on medical or security alarms  

What you must say when you advertise NBN services

When you advertise NBN services to customers through any channel or format you:

  • must tell them what the typical ‘busy period’ download speed is
  • must explain any labels that describe the speed, such as ‘basic’, ‘standard’ or ‘premium’
  • must not use the term ‘up to’ in any claim you make about broadband speed

Keep customers connected to the internet

You must carefully manage your customer's move from their old service to the NBN. These rules are set out in the NBN Continuity of Service Standard and the NBN Service Migration Determination.

These rules say that you must: 

  • not turn off an old service unless its needed to get a new NBN service working
  • tell customers that have switched from another telco not to stop their old service until their new NBN service is working
  • provide a replacement service or compensation if you can’t get the NBN service working within 3 days

If you can’t get an NBN service working in 20 days, you must come up with a personalised plan to fix the problem and share that with the customer. If your plan doesn’t get the service working in another 20 days, you will need to do an audit and work out why the plan didn't work and the next steps you will take to get the service working. 

Confirm that a customer’s NBN service is working

After you set up a service, you must check and see if the customer’s NBN is working. These rules are set out in the NBN Continuity of Service Standard and the NBN Service Migration Determination.

If post-migration tests show the NBN service isn’t working, you have 3 days to fix the problem. If you still can’t fix the problem, you must provide your customer with an alternative service or some form of compensation.

For NBN services that are set up on the existing copper network, you must check the speed of the service. You must tell customers the results of the speed test. If you can’t deliver speeds you advertise on the contract you must offer customers options to change or leave contracts and not charge them for 10 working days. 

If you do not follow our rules

We monitor the telco industry and investigate telcos that break the rules.

If we find that you have broken the rules, we may take enforcement action against you. We may apply a penalty or start court proceedings.

We publish our enforcement outcomes on our website.

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