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Requests to block online services under section 313(3)

Government agencies can ask service providers to disrupt access to certain online services. If they do, the agencies must report to us each year.

Under Subsection 313(3) of the Telecommunications Act 1997, internet service providers can be asked to by government agencies to block specific websites. Commonwealth agencies must tell us the number of online services blocked as a result of their requests.

We encourage State and Territory Government agencies to also report on their use of Subsection 313(3).

For ongoing disruptions, the Act states that agencies should:

  • monitor online services to ensure the reason for the disruption remains valid
  • evaluate outcomes

Each agency creates its own monitoring, evaluation and reporting protocols. These must include accurate reporting to us.

We collect this information under the Guidelines for the use of subsection 313(3) of the Telecommunications Act 1997.

Agencies do not have to publish details of the requests if this may:

  • jeopardise ongoing or planned investigations or operational activities
  • lead to other law enforcement or national security concerns

Instead, they should give us the total number. Record that number in the box after the question that asks for the total number of requests.

Submit the report

Agencies should report to us within 60 days of the end of the financial year. We report on the information we collect in our annual report

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