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Telstra manages public payphones across Australia. We watch Telstra to make sure they provide reasonable access to payphones for all Australians.

Australia’s payphone network

Telstra is responsible for making sure that most Australians have access to a working public payphone. If you have any payphone questions or problems, you should first contact Telstra. 

Telstra has the following information on payphones: 

Telstra puts its plans to remove, install or move payphones on its payphone website

Some private business and clubs also operate payphones. You should contact these businesses directly if you have an issue with a private payphone.

Our role with payphones

We check if Telstra is providing reasonable access to payphones for Australians. To do this we monitor how Telstra installs, relocates and removes payphones

In our Communications Report we look at the availability of public payphones and the time it takes Telstra to fix its payphone issues. 

Contact Telstra about a payphone issue

If you are having a problem with a payphone, the first step is to contact Telstra and have them try to resolve the issue.  You can contact Telstra by: 

If you would like to complain to Telstra about a payphone issue you can use their online complaint form.  

Take your payphone complaint further

We manage some complaints about Telstra and payphones.

You should first try to work with Telstra to resolve your public payphone issue. If you feel Telstra hasn’t handled your issue properly, there are ways you can take your complaint further.

For complaints about faults and charges, contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). The TIO can investigate how Telstra handled your complaint. The TIO has the power to resolve your dispute with Telstra.

The ACMA only considers complaints about Telstra payphones if you:

  • have an issue with the location or number of payphones in your area
  • believe that Telstra is not meeting its legal obligations under the Universal Service Obligation
  • have already contacted Telstra about these issues and are not satisfied with how they handled your complaint

To tell us about your complaint, download and fill out our complaint form:


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