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Proposal to make new Air Interface Standard 2022 - consultation 25/2022

The proposed new standard will replace the existing Telecommunications (Mobile Equipment Air Interface) Standard 2018.

Closing in 27 days (12 September 2022)
In progress

Updates to earth coordination requirements - consultation 26/2022

We want to update coordination requirements for earth stations and microwave fixed point-to-point links contained in radiocommunications assignment and licensing instruction (RALI) MS 43 and MS 45.

Closing in 13 days (29 August 2022)
In progress

Changing 4CRB’s community of interest - consultation 27/2022

Community radio 4CRB has requested to change the community interest it represents.

Closing in 13 days (29 August 2022)
In progress

Foreign ownership of Australian media assets: review of legislative requirements - consultation 24/2022

We need to review the operation of the foreign ownership of Australian media assets scheme.

Closing in 9 days (25 August 2022)
In progress

Incorporating QR codes into the telecommunications labelling arrangements - consultation 21/2022

We want to allow the use of QR codes as a form of label and also repeal 3 telecommunications technical standards.

Closing in 3 days (19 August 2022)
In progress
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