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Exploring the future use of the 1.9 GHz band - consultation 40/2021

We are interested in views on existing and emerging uses in the 1880–1920 MHz band.

Closing in 52 days (21 January 2022)
In progress

Remaking the Telecommunications (Infringement Notices) Guidelines 2011

We need to remake the guidelines as they are due to sunset.

Closing in 24 days (24 December 2021)
In progress

Proposal to make Telecommunications Service Provider (Customer Identity Verification) Determination 2021 - consultation 39/2021

We invite your comments on the proposed new customer identity verification rules.

Closing in 15 days (15 December 2021)
In progress

Response to the implementation of the Spectrum Pricing Review (part 2) - consultation 38/2021

We are proposing a second tranche of reforms following the Spectrum Pricing Review.  

Closing in 10 days (10 December 2021)
In progress

Radio local area networks (RLANs) in the 6 GHz band - consultation 37/2021

We are proposing to update the LIPD class licence to allow the use of RLAN devices in the lower 6 GHz band, and consulting on their use in the 5 GHz and upper 6 GHz bands.

Closing in 3 days (03 December 2021)
In progress
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