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Licensing – common tasks and questions

Find out how to perform these licensing tasks and find the answer to some common questions.

Common tasks

These instructions can help you complete common licensing tasks.

Use this link to access ACMA assist. Our ACMA Assist registration guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to register.

To receive your invoice faster and reduce paper waste, contact us at to switch to email correspondence.

You can pay your fees and charges by Visa or Mastercard on our Make a payment page.

You can update your contact details on our website. Find out more about updating your licensee details.

You can view the live status of all of your licences using our  online register.

You can log in to ACMA Assist to view a copy of your renewal notice, or contact us at

Common licence notice questions

Find the answer to these common questions about licence notices and invoices.

We cannot add purchase order numbers. Please see your renewal notice for the methods of payment we accept. 

You can only use one email address as the contact for your licence notice. If possible, use a team email such as instead of an individual’s email address.

If your invoice has passed the 60-day grace period, your licence is now expired. You will need to re-apply for the licence by contacting:

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