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Phone jammers

We are working with Corrective Services NSW on the use of mobile phone jammers in prisons.

Mobile phone jammers are illegal devices

In Australia, possession and operation of mobile phone jammers is banned. This is because mobile phone jammers can disturb mobile phone communications and prevent calls from being made. This may include calls to emergency services.

However, there are some legitimate uses for mobile phone jammers that need exemptions.

Mobile phone jammers in prisons

Inmates in prisons cannot have mobile phones. 

Mobile phone jammers can be used by prison officers to block the signals of any mobile phones inmates may have smuggled into prison.

However, there is a risk that using a mobile phone jammer in a prison will interfere with surrounding public mobile phone networks.

We work with Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) to make sure that the use of jammers does not interfere with legitimate mobile phone use.

Use of jammers by CSNSW

CSNSW has an exemption to operate mobile phone jammers at Lithgow and Goulburn correctional centres – the Radiocommunications (Exemption – Corrective Services NSW) Determination 2021.

This exemption was put in place following CSNSW trials of mobile phone jammers at the Lithgow Correctional Centre from 2013–18 and Goulburn Correctional Centre from 2019–21. 

The trials conducted by CSNSW were successful in stopping the illicit use of mobile phones by inmates at the Lithgow and Goulburn correctional centres, while not causing interference to outside mobile phone users.

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