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Exemptions for banned equipment

Radiocommunications exemptions

It is illegal to possess, operate, supply or offer to supply banned equipment.

Exemptions under the Radiocommunications Act 1992 can provide limited access to banned equipment.

Types of exemptions

There are 2 types of exemptions available:

  • innovation and industry development exemptions: these allow banned equipment to be used for research and development, and manufacturing.
  • exemptions made under section 27 of the Radiocommunications Act: these allow broader access to, and use of, banned equipment for operational security, safety, and strategic outcomes.

Eligibility – section 27 exemptions

Not everyone can access an exemption.

These exemptions can only be accessed by a narrow range of professions that have functions or duties relating to defence, national security, law enforcement or emergency services.

Information for users and stakeholders

The document, Use of banned equipment under the Radiocommunications Act 1992 by law enforcement and related persons – Information for users and stakeholders, provides information on how the risks associated with using banned equipment should be managed under the Radiocommunications Act.

Eligible persons interested in, or applying for, an exemption under section 27 should read the document to ensure that activities involving banned equipment have minimal adverse impact on licensed radiocommunications while maintaining operational objectives.

Enquiring about an exemption

If you have an enquiry about an exemption, please email us at 


Current exemptions under section 27

Exemption Purpose
Radiocommunications (Exemption – Corrective Services NSW) Determination 2021

Authorises use of mobile phone jamming equipment at correctional facilities managed by Corrective Services New South Wales.

Read more about our work with Corrective Services NSW on the use of mobile phone jammers in prisons.

Radiocommunications (Exemption – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Disruption) Determination 2022 Authorises use of counter-drone equipment by Australian police.
Radiocommunications (Exemption – Bomb Disposal Electronic Counter Measures) Determination 2023 Authorises use of electronic counter measure devices by Australian police to deal with emergencies involving improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
Radiocommunications (Exemption - Visiting Dignitaries) Determination 2023 Authorises use of electronic counter measure devices by Australian police providing security for visiting dignitaries.
Radiocommunications (Prohibited Device) (RNSS Jamming Devices) Exemption Determination 2014 Authorises access to GPS jamming equipment by defence and related entities.


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