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Radiocomms licence data

As well as online searches, the ACMA makes information about radiocommunications licences and licensees available via a download. This data was previously available via a monthly CD-ROM which could be purchased from the ACMA and updated with daily delta files available via download from an ftp site. However, this same data is now available via download at no cost. The daily delta files and the monthly data will still be available on the ftp site until May 2015 and will contain the same data as the CD-ROM.

The new download contains a complete data set current for that day and will not require the daily delta files to update it.

By downloading the data, you acknowledge the following licence:




1. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) provides you with access to the Register of Radiocommunications Licences (the Register) on the following terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions). 
2. By clicking on the link you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.
Intellectual property
3. Intellectual Property in the Register is retained by the ACMA.
4. All rights in the Register are reserved, and you may not make copies of the Register or any part of the Register, except as expressly provided in this Licence.    

5. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the ACMA grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive Licence to use, reproduce and adapt the Register, including the right to incorporate the Register in an electronic information retrieval system or in any other software product, to merge the Register with other material (including documents, equipment or goods and medium whatsoever in which information is embodied), to develop derivative material based on the Register, and to distribute any derivatives developed by you to third parties.  “Derivative material” and “Derivatives” refers to any copy of the Register or a substantial part of the Register, or any version of, merged form of or other material created from or based on the Register, whether or not amounting to a reproduction of the Register within the meaning of the Copyright Act 1968
6. This Licence permits you to use the personal information of the holder of a spectrum licence, apparatus licence or a class licence issued in accordance with the Radiocommunications Act 1992 (Licensee) that may readily identify the Licensee (including, but not limited to, the Licensee’s name, address and contact details) (Client Information) for the purposes of management of the radiofrequency spectrum in accordance with the Radiocommunications Act 1992.
7. This Licence does not permit you to use Client Information contained in the Register for the purposes of:

i. sending unsolicited commercial electronic messages in contravention of the Spam Act 2003;
ii. making unsolicited telemarketing calls in contravention of the Do Not Call Register Act 2006; or
iii. conducting unsolicited mail advertising.

8. Where the Licensee is a natural person, this Licence does not permit you to reproduce or distribute the Licensee’s Client Information contained in the Register in any Derivative work authorised by this Licence.
9. If you have modified or transformed the Register, or derived new material from the Register in any way, the following attribution must be used: ‘Based on Australian Communications and Media Authority information’.


10. The information contained in the Register should not be acted upon in any particular matter or circumstance without seeking appropriate professional advice on that matter or circumstance.
11. The ACMA has taken all care possible in the preparation and presentation of the Register but does not accept responsibility for any actions taken as a consequence of the information contained in the Register.
12. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable legislation, any conditions or warranties imposed by law are hereby excluded.  Insofar as liability under any legislation may not be excluded, such liability is limited to replacement of the Register or correction of defects in the Register, at the ACMA’s option.  In no event shall the ACMA be liable for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever (including indirect or consequential loss, damage or injury, loss of profits, business interpretation, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use or inability to use this Register.
13. We do not endorse your use of the data contained in the Register, including any Derivative Material produced by you.

The ACMA commissioned the SPECTRA system for apparatus licensing on Wednesday 2 September 2015.  If you have paid to renew a licence recently, it may take a few days to update the Online Register (or the data download).  If it has not updated by Monday 7 September 2015, please contact the customer service centre on 1300 850 115.

Spectra RRL adding Broadcast Station Type and Station Name to Device Technical records

From late January 2018 there will be a change to the daily download ( To allow users time to adapt to these changes, the ACMA has provided information in the new format. Structure and Example data last updated 18/12/2017.

SPECTRA RRL access via Web API

Live access to RRL data by the general public is available via a web Application Programming Interface; please refer to the guide: Registers API Guide.

Spectrum Licensing RadDEM and datasets on CD-ROM

The second edition of the Spectrum Licensing CD-ROM was released in September 1997. It incorporates the two previous CD-ROMs (the Spectrum Licensing RadDEM CD-ROM and the Spectrum Licensing Database CD-ROM) in a single product.

The current version contains:

  1. RadDEM—an integer digital elevation model for Australia Graphical Images of the RadDEM in various file formats
  2. AutoCad Data Interchange files and Text files for the Roads Mobile, Towns Mobile.

The database containing the Effective Site Height Tables has been replaced with a program to calculate these tables as you require them. The source code for the effective site height table program is also included.

The data contained on this CD-ROM has been prepared by the ACMA specifically for use in conjunction with relevant spectrum licence s.145 Determinations of Unacceptable Interference that utilise the RadDEM for the calculation of effective site heights.

The ACMA is progressively reviewing the technical frameworks of all spectrum-licensed bands as they approach expiry. As a consequence, the relevant spectrum licence s.145 Determinations of Unacceptable Interference will progressively move from using the RadDEM to the GEODATA 9 Second Digital Elevation Model Version 3 (Australia New Zealand Land Information Council unique identifier ANZCW0703011541).

You can obtain a copy of this DEM (Digital Elevation Model) from Geoscience Australia at

The ACMA has produced an information paper (Word [.docx] or PDF formats) with guidance on the GEODATA 9 Second Digital Elevation Model Version 3 interpretation.


The Spectrum Licensing Database CD-ROM costs A$123.20, including delivery in Australia. Note that the ACMA reserves the right to vary the cost of the CD-ROM at any time before accepting the order.

To order the Spectrum Licensing CD-ROM, print and complete:

  1. the licence agreement
  2. the order form.

Then mail or fax the completed forms to the address listed on the order form.

Form no.

Form title




Licence Agreement and Registration for Spectrum Licensing RadDEM and Datasets on CD-ROM

52 kB

338 kB


Spectrum Licensing RadDEM and Dataset CD-ROM Order Form

51 kB

325 kB

For ordering information contact any ACMA Office or email the ICT Service Desk.

Technical advice

For technical advice about the content of the Spectrum Licensing CD-ROM, contact the help desk on 1300 850 115 or any ACMA Office

Last updated: 22 July 2019