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Industry code: Cabling requirements for business

Industry body responsible

The Cabling Industry Committee

Section of industry to which code relates

This Code applies to Cabling Service Operators that perform, or arrange or propose to arrange for the supply of services that includes:

  • the installation of customer cabling for connection to a telecommunications network or to a facility
  • the connection of customer cabling to a telecommunications network or to a facility
  • the maintenance of customer cabling connected to a telecommunications network or to a facility

that is used to supply a listed carriage service.

The section of the telecommunications industry covered by this Code is set out in the Telecommunications (Section of the Telecommunications Industry – Cabling Service Operators) Determination 2015.

Objectives of the code

The objectives of this Code are to:

  1.  deliver acceptable quality in cabling installation and maintenance practice by:
    1. promoting client safety and network integrity
    2. assuring clients that work is consistent with industry standards
  2. improve the level of compliance in the industry with cabling regulation
  3. extend the self-regulatory process to Cabling Service Operators engaged in cabling work
  4. increase awareness of the essential aspects of the Cabling Provider Rules
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