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Retransmit TV and radio channels

As a self-help provider, you can apply to retransmit national (ABC or SBS), community and commercial TV and radio services that aren’t available in your area.

To retransmit a broadcasting service, you will need to apply for an apparatus licence.

To retransmit outside your licence area, you will also need written permission from us.

What we consider

Our retransmission policy sets out:

  • who can retransmit a radio or television broadcasting service
  • how to request permission (where required) and apply for licences
  • how we consider whether or not to give permission (where required) and issue licences.


There are costs to you to retransmit TV and radio programs.

If your application is successful you will pay an apparatus licence fee.

You may also have ongoing equipment maintenance costs.


Self-help providers are exempt from copyright obligations under the Copyright Act 1968.

As long as you only retransmit programs from a national, community or commercial station you are not regulated by the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

How to apply

To apply to retransmit a service:

By email to:

Or post to:

Australian Communications and Media Authority

PO Box 78

Belconnen ACT 2616

How to set up TV retransmission

Follow these steps to retransmit TV channels into your area:

Step 1: apply to us for an apparatus licence

Step 2: install a transmission tower

You need the correct permissions to build or install a transmission tower. Contact your local council.

Step 3: access TV programs

You may access TV programs to retransmit via your own antenna from the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) satellite feed. If you need to use VAST and are in central and eastern Australia, contact the Eastern Australia Satellite Broadcasters (EASB). If you are in Western Australia, contact WA Satco.

Your decoding equipment attached to your transmission tower will receive signal from the VAST satellite feed. VAST can change its settings and your equipment may not retune itself. You will then need to retune or make other adjustments to your equipment.

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