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Renew or transfer a community broadcasting licence

We will remind you to renew your community broadcasting licence 12 months before it expires. In some situations, you can transfer the licence to a different organisation or body.

Renew your licence

12 months before your licence is due to expire we will remind you to renew it.

The renewal process may take up to 12 months.

We look at the same factors we used to allocate the licence

Apply to renew your licence

Complete form B66 – Application for renewal of a community radio broadcasting licence (in the broadcasting services bands)

When we receive your renewal form, we may:

  • review whether you have met the Broadcasting Services Act 1992
  • check you have followed the rules of your licence and the codes of practice
  • ask you to explain your answers
  • check if the community interest is the same

The Broadcasting Service Act 1992 (Part 6) gives us the right to renew licences.

Change your community interest

A licence holder must represent the community interest.

When you renew a community radio licence, we look at how you are meeting the interests of that community. You may apply to change the community interest you represent at licence renewal.

You need to give us details of:

  • how the service will meet the new needs of the community in the licence area
  • any research or evidence that shows how the community has changed, or will change, over time
  • how you will represent the community interest that has changed
  • letters or evidence that show your members and the community support the change

Add this to section 2 of form B66 – Application for renewal of a community radio broadcasting licence (in the broadcasting services bands)

You must lodge requests for change of community interest more than 26 weeks before the expiry date of the licence to allow time for community consultation.

Except in special circumstances, we will not consider requests for change of community interest made within 26 weeks of the expiry date of the licence. 

Decision making

When deciding whether to approve a request for a change of community interest we will consider:

  • the extent to which the proposed service would meet the existing and perceived future needs of the community within the licence area
  • the nature and diversity of the interests of that community
  • the nature and diversity of other broadcasting services (including national broadcasting services) available within the licence area
  • the capacity of the applicant to provide the proposed service

Transfer your licence

Some of the reasons you may want or need to transfer a licence include:

  • You want to merge with another company or council and will lose your original legal status.
  • Your legal entity changes, for example from a cooperative to an incorporated association.
  • You do not have the money to continue broadcasting and want to hand over the licence to someone else.
  • You may have to stop broadcasting, for example because you expect to be deregistered.

We will only approve it if the company you want us to transfer the licence to:

  • would be eligible for a licence in the first place
  • represents a community interest

Apply to transfer your licence

Read the Guidelines to the Transfer of Community Broadcasting Licences

Complete the relevant form:

After the transfer is complete

If we approve the transfer, the new licence holder must tell us once the transfer takes place. You have 90 days to transfer the licence.

Complete the Notification of transfer of a community broadcasting licence.

The Broadcasting Services Act 1992 gives us the authority to renew and transfer licences.


Transfer applications that are not approved

If we do not approve a transfer application, you may apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a review of the decision.

In either case, we may issue a media release announcing our decision.

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