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Apply for a community radio licence

We advertise all opportunities to apply for a community broadcasting licence. You must represent the interests of the community to apply.

Who can apply

Companies can only apply if they:

  • formed in Australia or an Australian territory
  • represent a community interest.

‘Companies’ in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 includes:

  • incorporated associations 
  • companies limited by guarantee.

It is not appropriate for other companies to hold a community licence. This includes:

  • certain cooperatives 
  • companies limited by shares.

How we assess your application

For long-term community broadcasting licences, we assess:

  • how well the proposed service would meet the community’s current and future needs 
  • the interests in that community
  • how well the services would provide material that is significant to the local community
  • other broadcasting services in that licence area, including national services 
  • whether the applicant is able to provide the proposed service.

We also consider whether this licence would lead to a situation we don’t want such as:

  • one person in control of more than one community broadcasting service in the same licence area
  • the Commonwealth, a state or territory or a political party in control of a community broadcasting licence.

After we give you a licence

If we give you a licence, you must start to broadcast within one year unless we agree to a longer date.

We allocate community broadcasting licences under Part 6 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

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