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Broadcast planning resources

This information helps the broadcasting industry understand our planning procedures and practices.

We develop these resources for:

  • broadcasters
  • planning consultants
  • providers of transmission infrastructure 
  • others in the broadcasting industry

Technical Planning

The Technical Planning Parameters and Methods for Terrestrial Broadcasting (TPPs) detail the planning and measurement methods, parameter values and planning assumptions we use for planning analog broadcasting services.

The TPPs are based on recommendations and reports of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), as well as planning practices developed in Australia, North America, Europe and Britain over many years.

TPP Figures 1-19

TPP Figures 20-75

TV planning

Broadcast planning instructions

We create broadcast planning instructions (BPIs) when we want to clarify a planning activity. This could be an existing practice or one we have created or amended.

Policies and processes

Policy to assess and prioritise requests to vary radio licence area plans.

General approach to analog planning.

How we convert AM radio broadcasting services to FM and plan FM in-fill translators. These solve coverage issues for AM radio broadcasting services: AM to FM conversion and requests for FM in-fill translators.

Advice we receive and assumptions we make when planning the broadcasting services bands. The Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (part 3) covers this function: Record of advice and assumptions.

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