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LPON Licence Limitations

LPON licences must comply with a number of limitations, namely:

Limited signal strength

Licensee signal field strength levels must not exceed 48 decibels above one microvolt per metre at:

  • two kilometres from the LPON service transmitter in residential areas or
  • 10 kilometres in non-residential areas.

LPON transmitters located:

  • in, or within 20 kilometres from an urban centre must operate at a maximum of 1 watt transmitter power subject to observing the signal field strength limit
  • at least 20 kilometres from the boundary of an urban centre or locality may operate up to 10 watt transmitter power subject to observing the signal field strength limit
  • in residential areas may cover an area within a two kilometre radius
  • in non-residential areas the coverage area may be within a 10 kilometres radius.

Note: Residential and non-residential areas are defined in the Planning Model for LPON Services.

Limited reception

Reception must be limited in some way, such as because the program content targets special interest groups or caters for special events.

Limited frequencies

There are restrictions on the availability of some, or all, of these frequencies in certain areas of Australia. Refer to the LPON Planning Model for more information.

Limited protection from interference

There is no guarantee against interference from mainstream broadcasting service, wherever located but mainstream broadcasting service is guaranteed against interference from LPON services.

No security of tenure

LPON licensees do not have guaranteed tenure of radiofrequency spectrum. If, for any reason, spectrum is required by the ACMA, any affected LPON spectrum may be resumed. The ACMA is not obliged to find replacement spectrum for LPON services.

Service to commence within six months of issue

An LPON licensee must commence a service within six months of being issued a transmitter licence and provide the service with reasonable regularity, unless there are valid reasons for not doing so. The ACMA may cancel a transmitter licence if this condition is not met.

Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Broadcasting Licence) Determination 2015

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