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Technical Planning Guidelines for broadcasters

The technical planning guidelines (TPGs) are for services in the broadcasting services bands. They set the rules to implement and operate radio and TV facilities.

View the TPGs in Broadcasting Services (Technical Planning) Guidelines 2017. They include rules for:

  • restrictions and tolerances for sites
  • maximum and minimum levels of radiated power
  • the maximum signal levels
  • interference with other services
  • the characteristics of radiated signals
  • test procedures to establish transmission facilities

You may have to follow parts of the TPGs if you have a:

  • commercial licence
  • community (including temporary community) licence
  • datacasting licence 

The TPGs do not apply to transmitter licences for:

  • national services
  • narrowcasting services

For these services, the Licence Condition Determination applies and further special conditions may apply.

Other guidance and instructions to help you understand our planning procedures and practices are in the guides to broadcast planning.

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