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Searching the register of radiocomms licences

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA)'s Register of Radiocommunications Licences is a comprehensive online database of licensed radiocommunications services in Australia.

Search the Register of Radiocommunications Licences.

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The primary function of the register is to provide free access to authoritative information to facilitate device coordination, interference investigation and licence trading.

Every record in the register has details of the location and output characteristics of licensed transmitters that warrant their compliance with licence conditions.

In the event of an interference complaint, the register provides essential technical information required by the ACMA and other potentially affected licensees to trace the source of any alleged interference.

The web interface to the register operates on a real-time basis and supports searches across many different licence variables including geographic coordinates, frequency range, licensee name, postcode, ABN and many others.

Online searches are limited to 50 results per page and about 5000 results per search, depending upon which search options you use. If many of your queries exceed this number of records, then you may find it more convenient to download the database online.

You can also search by latitude and longitude, by post code, by frequency range, and specifically in the 400 MHz band.

Searching in spectrum licensed bands

You can use the spectrum licence search page to search spectrum licence details by band release category. Clicking on any band release category loads a table displaying all of the spectrum licences in the band including licence number and the geographic area and frequency range of each licence. The results also list the names of all licensees in the band. You can also download entire copies of individual licences so you can verify licence ownership and conditions.

Legislative Basis

The Register has been prepared in accordance with Part 3.5 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992. The contents of the Register are set out in the Radiocommunications (Register of Radiocommunications Licences) Determination 2017.


The ACMA hopes that you find the register a useful source of information and is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the register. Please direct questions and comments to

Last updated: 17 December 2012