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Report how you comply with CSG recordkeeping

Some carriage service providers have to follow rules for how they keep records. You must report to us on those records.

Who has to provide reports

Qualifying CSPs (QCSPs) have to report to us. You are a QCSP if you:

  • supply more than 100,000 CSG services on the last day of the financial year
  • are not exempt from the CSG standards for those services

Purpose of the compliance report

When you report to us, this shows you meet the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Recordkeeping Rules 2011.

We use this information to:

We report on recordkeeping and performance benchmarks to the Minister. 

Performance benchmarks

The minister sets the minimum performance benchmarks in the CSG Standard. 

QCSPs must meet the CSG Standard for 90% of:

  • new connections
  • in-place connections
  • fault fixes
  • customer appointments

The benchmarks apply to QCSPs that meet the following thresholds in the financial year of the reporting period:

  • 10,000 CSG services or more in urban areas
  • 1000 CSG services or more in major rural areas
  • 1000 CSG services or more in minor rural areas
  • 1000 CSG services or more in rural areas
  • 500 CSG services or more in remote areas

What you must do

If you are a QCSP, you must:

The compliance report must cover the 12 months that end on 30 June.

Submit your compliance report

You must give us your reports within 40 working days after 30 June. We can agree in writing to a different deadline.

Submit the report to us in print and electronic formats to


How we enforce the rules

If you don't meet the benchmark you are breaking section 530 of the Telecommunications Act 1997. We may:

  • give you a formal warning
  • tell you to take remedial action
  • issue an infringement notice
  • start civil penalty proceedings

The Minister sets the penalty for infringement notices. The amount depends on how far your performance is from the benchmark. 

If you submit an incorrect record, this is an offence and we can fine you.

Read more about infringement notices.

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