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Apply to be exempt from meeting the CSG Standard

Carriage service providers (CSPs) can ask to be exempt from the Customer Service Guarantee Standard (CSG Standard) timelines.

Purpose of the Temporary Exemption Scheme

The scheme supports competition in the market. It encourages CSPs with a small market share in a particular geographic area to offer services to customers. 

If you are part of the Temporary Exemption Scheme, you do not have to meet CSG Standard timelines  in that area. This removes the risk that you will have to compensate customers if you miss the performance standard.

We can make you temporarily exempt if it will benefit consumers in the area it covers.


This scheme is available for CSPs with a small market share in a geographic area. ‘Small’ is ‘less than approximately 10% of the market share. You need to supply, or propose to supply, CSG services to residential and small business customers. 

The scheme is not open to Telstra as the primary universal service provider.

How to apply

It is free to apply. 

Complete the application form Temporary Exemption Scheme from the CSG Standard. Provide as much detail as you can for all questions.

About market share


  • a description by postcode of the geographic area in your application
  • the number of CSG services you currently supply in the geographic area 
  • the number of CSG customers you supply to in the geographic area 
  • the number and type of CSG services other providers supply in the geographic area
  • an overview of the CGS services you provide within Australia

About community benefit


  • how being exempt would reduce the cost of entering or competing in the geographic area your application covers
  • how being exempt might benefit end-users through price, quality, choice and innovation
  • how you will deal with any complaints about exempt CSG services 

Criteria about your proposed services


  • how long you want to be exempt for, and why
  • the number of CSG services you will provide during the time you are exempt
  • what type of service you offer or want to offer in the geographic area
  • what technology you will use to deliver service
  • whether the service or the technology is new or innovative 

You also need to explain how you will tell potential and existing customers:

  • that you are exempt from the standards
  • the implications of you being exempt

How long you can be exempt

The maximum exemption period is 5 years. You can also apply for a renewal of up to 5 years.

We may grant an exemption for a shorter period than you ask for. 

You can also apply for a shorter exemption. If you do, you will need to estimate for each year you are exempt the number of:

  • CSG services you will provide 
  • CSG customers you will supply

How we notify you

We will tell you in writing if we grant or refuse a temporary exemption.

We can make you exempt under section 115 of the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999

If we refuse your application, we will tell you how to ask us for a review. If you are not satisfied with the review, you can ask the Federal Court to consider your application under the Administrative Decisions Judicial Review Act 1977.

If you have any questions about the process, email or call (03) 9963 6800.

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