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Data retention reporting form

Carriers and carriage service providers (including internet service providers) have data retention obligations.

Carriers and carriage service providers (including internet service providers) are required to report to the ACMA about costs they incur to retain certain data (see the data retention obligations under Part 5-1A of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979). 

Costs that should be reported

Using the form below, carriers and carriage service providers must report costs incurred as a result of implementing the requirements of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Act 2015. These may be:

  • administrative costs – the costs incurred to comply with the data retention obligations
  • substantive costs – the costs incurred to deliver the applicable regulatory outcomes sought by the data retention obligations.

Completing the form

If you are reporting on behalf of multiple organisations, you can provide one aggregated report, or several individual reports.

A monetary value must be entered for all costs requested.  If you have not incurred any compliance costs and have a nil response, please enter ‘0’ value.

When to submit the form

Complete and submit the form to the ACMA by 5:00 pm AEST, Thursday 31 August 2024.

If you do not receive an email acknowledging receipt of your form, please contact us. The ACMA is not responsible for ensuring the delivery of the information. Please also contact the ACMA if you require further information about the online reporting form.

More information about data retention obligations is available from the Department of Home Affairs.

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