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Lodge an application for a client

You can use the online portal to lodge an application for your client.

What the online portal is for

The online portal is only for accredited persons. It's called Intelledox.

We give you access when you become accredited. 

The portal is connected to the spectrum management database. 

When you use the portal, you save us time. This is why we may reduce administrative fees when you submit forms this way. 

You can use it to:

  • submit an apparatus licence application
  • lodge a frequency assignment certificate
  • lodge an interference impact certificate
  • register a device for a spectrum licence

ACMA’s Lodgement Facility uses the Australian Government Digital Identity System to verify users. Digital Identity is a safe, secure and convenient way to prove who you are online. myGovID is the Australian Government’s Digital Identity app. To access the portal, Continue with Digital Identity.

If you have technical problems

If you experience technical problems with the portal, you can email us

You can also email us if you are unable to submit a form using the portal. 

You must arrange it with us first if you plan to send a form by mail. 

Guides for using the portal

These guides and testing software may help you use the portal. 


What the guide includes

Executable files to lodge submissions in the production environment.

Machine credential information, enrolment details, and submission element descriptions.

How to use the ALF web service, and associated files and WSDL’s.

Schemas for device registration, apparatus licences, sites, and antennas.

Sample Payload for 'Micro' Land Mobile Service Coverage Model

How to use the software to test the lodgement of submissions.

Executable file to lodge submissions.

How to login and logout of apparatus license online web forms.

How to submit online apparatus license applications.

Supplementary information for the registration of AWL devices.
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