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Issue a frequency assignment certificate

You should follow these guidelines when you issue a frequency assignment certificate (FAC). 

What it means to issue an FAC

When you issue an FAC, you certify that a device:

  • can operate at a particular site and within a particular area
  • meets the technical standards it needs to operate on the frequency
  • meets the relevant rules under section 266A of the Act

You can find section 266A of the Act under Part 2 of the Radiocommunications (Frequency Assignment Certificates) Determination 2014.

Submit an FAC with your client's licence application.

Rules to issue an FAC

The rules to issue an FAC are in the Radiocommunications (Frequency Assignment Certificates) Determination 2014.

We do not tell you which method to use when you make a frequency assignment.

But we do tell you the:

  • interference management criteria
  • spectrum management objectives

You must meet the criteria and objectives when you assign a frequency.

These are detailed in the:

You should use current spectrum access data when you assign a frequency.

We update the Register of Radiocommunications Licences daily. This will help you work with the latest data.

If there is no criteria for a frequency band in these documents, you must give us a statement when you issue the FAC.

The statement must set out the:

  • criteria you used for interference management
  • method to meet the coordination criteria

Submit an FAC

You can submit an FAC:

  • via the online portal
  • in paper format

You can only issue an FAC if you have given us a deed of indemnity.

When you submit via the online portal

You can lodge an FAC via the online portal.

It will automatically create spectrum accesses in the spectrum management database.

This could be for a:

  • new apparatus licence application
  • request to vary apparatus licence conditions

The portal is the most cost effective way to lodge an FAC.

This is because:

  • you manage the frequency assignment
  • we don't need to add the data

The apparatus licence fee schedule details the charges to submit an FAC.

We will verify the details of the new site. But we don't usually question the information on an FAC. We conduct audits of accredited persons to check their quality of work.

When you send it in paper format

You can download a frequency assignment certificate (RF110)

We will:

  • enter the details of the FAC into the spectrum management database
  • issue the licence

Because you manage the frequency assignment, we will reduce the administrative part of the licence fee.

If you wish to submit a paper FAC, you must arrange it with us before you send it. You can email us.

International coordination

We manage international coordination.

We charge on a cost recovery basis. The hourly rate is shown in the apparatus licence fee schedule.

If we need to perform additional work, there will be extra charges.

Get more information

You can contact us for more information by email.

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