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Issue an interference impact certificate

You should follow these guidelines when you issue an interference impact certificate (IIC).

What it means to issue an IIC

You must register any device that transmits under a spectrum licence, unless it is exempt. 

When you apply to register, you must send us an IIC. 

An IIC means you certify that the emissions that radiate from the transmitter meet the:

  • conditions of the spectrum licence
  • Radiocommunications (Conditions of Interference Impact Certificates) Determination 2021.

Rules to issue an IIC

Before you apply to register a device, you must assess if it meets one of the required methods to issue an IIC.

These methods are:

1. The device complies with the relevant s.145(4) determination

Each spectrum licence band has a relevant Radiocommunications (Unacceptable Levels of Interference) Determination. This details the unacceptable levels of interference that apply to the band. 

2. Sufficient internal guard space

Sufficient guard space must be allocated to prevent potential interference to neighbours.

3. All affected licence holders agree

All affected adjacent licence holders agree in writing to accept a higher level of interference.

Register a device with or without an IIC

When you apply to register a transmitter, you must certify that it complies with one of the methods listed above.

You will need to do this even if you apply to register a device without an IIC.

You don't have to do this when you register a receiver.

We will enter the device into the Register of Radiocommunications Licences and give you one of these:

  • a device registration number


  • a list of errors that prevent us from registering the device

Because you manage the assessment, we will reduce the administrative part of the licence fee.

Issue an IIC when a spectrum licence is divided or traded

If a spectrum licence is divided and traded, you must allocate the devices that operate under the original licence to each part of the licence.

This needs to happen before the trade is registered. Otherwise, there won't be any authorised devices under the new licence. 

You may need to issue new IICs or offer new opinions about how the devices will operate under the new spectrum licences.

Get more information

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