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RALIs to coordinate frequency

Radiocommunications assignment and licensing instructions (RALIs) ensure everyone uses spectrum effectively.


RALIs contain the rules to licence and coordinate frequency between services in a band. They help people avoid interference when they assign frequency. We develop them for:

  • accredited persons who assign or coordinate frequency
  • those who plan systems or sell equipment

The document below outlines our program of work to update our suite of frequency assignment and coordination rules. We are currently considering an updated review work program for 2023–24.

Documents Type Last revised
RALI FX01 Frequency assignment requirements for narrowband fixed and mobile services with wideband fixed services in the 403–420 MHz band Inter-service June 2019
RALI FX03 Microwave fixed services frequency coordination including information on RPE data files Fixed intra-service June 2023
RALI FX14 Point to multipoint fixed services in specified parts of the 3.4–3.5 GHz band Fixed intra-service No longer in force
RALI FX16 Point to multipoint fixed services in the VHF high, 400 MHz and 800 MHz bands Fixed intra-service July 2020
RALI FX17 Frequency assignment requirements for narrowband single channel two frequency point to point services in the VHF high and 400 MHz bands Fixed intra-service July 2020
RALI FX19 Frequency coordination and licensing procedures for apparatus licensed broadband wireless access services in the 1900–1920 MHz band Fixed intra-service June 2023
RALI FX20 Millimetre wave point to point (self-coordinated) stations operating in the 58 GHz, 75 GHz and 85 GHz bands Fixed intra-service May 2016
RALI FX21 Television outside broadcasting services in the bands 1980–2110 MHz and 2170–2300 MHz Fixed intra-service August 2022
RALI FX22 Frequency assignment requirements for the fixed service in the 800 MHz band Fixed intra-service July 2022
RALI FX23 Frequency coordination and licensing procedures for point to multipoint services in the 5.6 GHz band Fixed intra-service December 2018
SP 4/93 Coordination procedures for the licensing of services sharing the 857–861 MHz band Inter-service July 1993
RALI LM02 Paging services Mobile intra-service August 2016

RALI LM05 Frequency assignment procedures for land mobile services adjacent to TV channels 2, 3 and 6

Note: This RALI is currently under review

Mobile intra-service September 1994
RALI LM08 Frequency assignment requirements for the land mobile service Mobile intra-service July 2020
RALI LM09 Frequency assignment procedures for apparatus licensed wireless audio devices Mobile intra-service February 2015
RALI MS31 Notification zones for apparatus licensed services around radio astronomy facilities Inter-service August 2006
RALI MS32 Coordination of apparatus licensed services within the ARQZWA Inter-service December 2015
RALI MS33 Frequency coordination and licensing procedures for apparatus licensed PTS in the 2 GHz bands Mobile intra-service August 2019
RALI MS34 Frequency coordination and licensing procedures for apparatus licensed PTS in the 1800 MHz bands Mobile intra-service August 2019
RALI MS35 Coordination of 2.5 GHz band spectrum licensed transmitters with radiodetermination stations operated by the Department of Defence in the 2700–2900 MHz band Mobile intra-service August 2019
RALI MS37 Coordination of spectrum licensed devices operating in the 2.3 GHz band with SRS earth stations in the 2290–2300 MHz band Mobile intra-service October 2013
RALI MS38 Coordination between earth station transmitters in the fixed-satellite service and other services in the 25.5-30 GHz band Inter-service No longer in force
RALI MS39 Frequency coordination and licensing procedures for apparatus licensed public telecommunications services in the 3.5 GHz band Mobile intra-service No longer in force
RALI MS43 Coordination procedures between earth stations at New Norcia and Tidbinbilla and other services Inter-service December 2022
RALI MS44 Frequency coordination procedures for the earth station protection zones Inter-service July 2022
RALI MS45 Frequency coordination requirements between microwave fixed point to point links and FSS earth stations  Inter-service September 2022
RALI MS46 Licensing and coordination procedures for area-wide apparatus licensed services in the 26/28 GHz bands Inter-service July 2022
RALI MS47 Licensing and coordination procedures for Area-Wide Licences (AWL) in the 3400–4000 MHz band Inter-service June 2023
RALI MS48 Interim access to 5055–5065 MHz for line of sight remotely piloted aircraft systems control and non-payload communication links Mobile intra-service August 2022
RALI SM26: Restrictions on Apparatus Licensing in Spectrum Licensed Spaces Inter-service August 2021
Low power open narrowcasting service (LPONS) Narrowcasting intra-service  
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