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Register your interest in a spectrum auction

If you wish to apply for a spectrum licence, you can apply for an upcoming auction. 

How to find out about a future auction

When new spectrum licences become available, we:

  • issue a media release
  • put information on our website
  • offer an information package

We will tell you when the auction will take place, and when you need to register. 

See a list of past, current and future auctions of spectrum

Get an information package

The information package includes:

  • information about the spectrum we will auction
  • the conditions you must follow if we allocate the spectrum to you
  • details about the auction
  • how to register for the auction

You can use this information to decide if the spectrum meets your intended purpose.

To find the information pack you need, go to the spectrum auction list. 

Click 'summary', then open the information package. 

When to register for an auction

You can apply to participate for an open auction any time before the application closing date.

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