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RALI MS47: Licensing and coordination procedures for area-wide licences (AWL) in the 3400–4000 MHz band

21 June 2024: Change to parameter in Table 8.

Table 8, Parameters for modelling interference from the Defence radiodetermination facility at Exmouth, will be amended at some point to change the Maximum transmit power from 62 dBW to 63.1 dBW (total power in carrier bandwidth).

That new value should now be used in any assessment.

13 May 2024: The revised RALI MS47 to support the 3.8 GHz area-wide licence allocation is now effective. 

We have made minor changes from the last version (15 February 2024). This includes revised parameters for the radio-determination service under clause 4.12.1.

For future reference, we have included current licence information for point-to-multipoint licences to be considered under clause 4.8 below.

A small error in 4.10.1 was corrected in the 13 May 2024 version. 

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