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About industry codes and standards

Codes and standards exist to protect consumers and help telcos operate. Our role is to ensure the telco industry follows the rules.

Industry bodies develop codes and submit them to us. Once we approve them, we include them in the register.

The purpose of the codes and standards is to promote:

  • the long-term interests of those who use of telecommunications services
  • the efficiency and international competitiveness of the Australian telecommunications industry
  • the ability of the industry to regulate their work

The telecommunications industry can develop new codes or vary existing codes on any telecommunications matter. 

If we decide a new code is necessary, we may ask a group that represents industry to develop one. If they don’t develop a code or it doesn’t meet our criteria, we may develop an industry standard instead. Industry must then meet the standard.

Our role in helping the industry comply 

If someone breaks a rule in a code, we can:

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