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NBN rollout and switch off deadlines

With the NBN aiming to roll out to eight million premises by 2020, there’s a good chance the switch off may affect you soon.

How can I avoid being disconnected?

You need to move your telco services to the NBN before your disconnection date.

Your disconnection date depends on several factors, including when the NBN becomes available in your area and when the existing network will be switched off in your area. This period may be up to 18 months but can vary depending on your telco.

To check when your home or business can move to the NBN, visit NBN Co.

Note that there are some types of services (typically special business services) that are exempt from the managed disconnection process. For more information, see Telstra’s special services and exemptions pages.

NBN voice services are generally not available on fixed wireless or satellite connections (though some providers may offer this). These premises will have the choice to keep their existing landline phone service over the copper network.

My place is listed as ‘Service available’—what does that mean?

If your area is listed as 'Service available', you can migrate your services to the NBN.

You’ll need to contact your preferred telco to arrange for your home and business services to move to the NBN, in order to stay connected.

Migration to the NBN is not automatic. If you do not ask a telco to connect you to the NBN, your landline phone and internet service is likely to be disconnected.

We recommend you move your services well before the switch off date to ensure you beat the last-minute rush and stay connected.

My place is listed as ‘Not currently available’—what does this mean?

If your area is listed as ‘Not currently available’, we recommend you contact NBN Co to find out when the new network is coming to your area.

What if I’m already on a contract?

If you're on an existing contract, you may pay a penalty to end that contract and take an NBN service with another telco. If you stay with the same telco, you’re unlikely to be penalised, but check with your telco.

When will the Telstra network in fixed wireless and satellite areas be switched off?

They won’t be switched off until at least 2032.

Last updated: 19 August 2019