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When to get the NBN

The NBN is replacing old internet and phone networks. To keep a fixed-line phone or internet service most people will need to move to the NBN. 

Check the NBN is available in your area

You can check if your home or business is ready to connect to the NBN by using NBN Co’s address checker.  

If your address is 'service available', you can move your internet and voice services to the NBN. Check our Get connected to the NBN page for more information on making the switch.

If the NBN is not available at your address yet, you might see approximate timings of when the NBN service will become available. NBN Co release new data regularly so check the NBN Co website for updates.

You can register your details with NBN Co and they will let you know when your home or business is ready to connect the NBN. 

Old services will be cut off

The NBN is replacing existing networks. Most people with a fixed-line phone or internet service will need to move to the NBN.

NBN Co will switch off the existing network once NBN internet has been available in your area for some time. Once NBN Co notifies you that you are able to switch to the NBN, you may have up to 18 months, and sometimes as little as 90 days, to find an NBN telco and plan.  

You can get an estimate of the switch-off date in your area by using the NBN Co’s address checker. You can see the services the NBN is replacing and the the few it isn't on NBN Co's website

The move to NBN is not automatic so if you want to continue to have internet and voice services you will need to get an NBN plan from a telco. We have information to help you get connected to the NBN.

If you are building a new home

If you are building a new home, you should check what equipment you need to install to connect to the NBN. NBN Co recommends applying to them 6 months before the building work starts.

NBN Co’s website has a range of information for people developing new properties. Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts has information on telecommunications in new developments.  

Get ready for the NBN

To make sure you are ready for the NBN, you can check:   

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