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Get connected to the NBN

Most Australians will need to move their internet and phone service to the NBN. As the move is not automatic you will need to get yourself connected to the NBN.

When you should connect to the NBN

First, you’ll need to know when the NBN is available in your area. Then you’ll need to buy a suitable NBN internet plan from a telco.

You will need to make the move before a telco switches off the old fixed-line network. Take a look at our when to get the NBN section for more information on deadlines and timings.

Contact a telco

You will need to contact a telco to work out what you need and then select an NBN plan. There are a range of companies you can chose from and NBN Co keeps a full list of available service providers.

You should check things like the speed of connection and price of each telco's plans before signing up to anything. 

Guidance material

NBN Co is in charge of designing, building and maintaining the NBN. They have information to help you understand the NBN, including:

Rules telcos must follow

We have put in place rules that telcos must follow to help you move to the NBN. 

There is information NBN telcos must give you. Telcos must: 

  • give you a ‘key facts sheet’ 
  • remind you to check if alarms will work with the NBN
  • tell you if you can keep your phone number when moving your phone service to the NBN.

Telcos test your NBN service is working after it has been set up. Telcos must:

  • conduct a post-migration test to check the NBN service is working
  • check the speed of the connection and confirm it can provide the speed specified in the plan (if NBN services are being delivered over a copper connection)

Telcos also need to keep you connected when moving you to the NBN. Telcos must:

  • not turn off the old service unless needed to get your NBN service working
  • provide an interim service if your service is not working during the move to the NBN
  • put in place a plan to deal with any long delays in connecting you to the NBN 

Installation and cabling

For installation of new modems, you should speak to your telco. For other equipment, like phone sockets, you may need to change the cabling in your house.

For any cabling work you should deal with a registered cabler who will need to follow the ACMA’s rules on cabling.

Building a new home

If you are building a new home, you should check what equipment you will need to connect to the NBN. NBN Co recommends applying to them 6 months before the building work starts. NBN Co’s website has a range of information for people developing new properties.

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts has information on telecommunications in new developments.

If you are renting a home

If you are renting a home, you should agree with your landlord on the best location for any interior NBN equipment. You should then contact a telco to buy to an NBN plan.

If you have any issues with your landlord you can talk to your local tenant's association. 

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