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Terahertz use-cases and regulatory models

The spectrum above 100 GHz is referred to as the terahertz frequency range – 100 GHz to 420 THz.

The large amount of spectrum available in the terahertz range has the potential to provide wide bandwidths for any given service. In addition to use-cases for scientific sensing and measurement of emissions from the earth surface, this means terahertz frequencies are also suitable for applications requiring highspeed transfer of massive data volumes.

Following our commitment in our Five-year spectrum outlook 2022–27 to present a review of terahertz international use-cases and regulatory models, we have published an information paper.



In this paper, we consider use-cases and regulatory models under development and adoption in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

We will continue to monitor technology developments and emerging use-cases, while also engaging in international forums on regulatory development for terahertz spectrum access, to ensure Australia’s regulatory settings promote the long‑term public interest derived from the use of the terahertz spectrum.

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