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Register of Telstra entities

This register lists Telstra demerged companies, Telstra successor companies and designated Telstra successor companies.  

Under the Telstra Corporation and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2021, we are required to keep a record of:

  • Telstra demerged companies
  • Telstra successor companies
  • designated Telstra successor companies.

The purpose of this register is to give oversight of:

  • current Telstra entities
  • any associated ministerial declarations in accordance with the Act.


Telstra entities* ACN
Telstra Group Limited  650 620 303
Telstra Infraco Limited 051 775 556
Amplitel Pty Ltd 648 133 073
Telstra Limited 086 174 781

* As the company exists from time to time (even if its name is later changed).

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