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Register of carrier licences and nominated carrier declarations

The register lists all carrier licences and nominated carrier declarations. We provide the register under section 84 of the Telecommunications Act 1997. 

Licensed carriers

Register of licensed carriers

Status Number (4 December 2023)
Active 344
Surrendered 236
Cancelled 31
Total carrier licences granted 611

Conditions of carrier licences

Under the Telecommunications Act 1997, carrier licences are subject to conditions. These include:

  • Section 61 – a carrier licence is subject to the conditions in Schedule 1.
  • Section 62 – a carrier licence is subject to the condition in section 152AZ of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.
  • Section 63 – a carrier licence may be subject to any conditions declared by the minister administering the Act. These conditions may apply to all carrier licences or may be specific to a name, class or other attribute.

Nominated carrier declarations

A nominated carrier declaration (NCD) allows the owner of one or more network units to nominate a carrier to supply carriage services over these units to the public, subject to the carrier satisfying the ACMA that it would be in a position to comply. A licensed carrier can apply for an NCD. If we grant the NCD, the licence holder accepts responsibility for the network units as if it were the owner and operator of those units.

Nominated carrier declarations

Status Number (9 November 2023)
Active 93
Revoked 96
Total NCDs granted 189
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