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Register of providers exempt from TIO scheme

All carriers and carriage service providers are part of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) scheme. You must apply to us to be exempt.

Carriers and providers need to be part of the TIO scheme if they supply or arrange for the supply of:

  • a standard telephone service to residential or small business customers
  • a public mobile phone service
  • access to the internet

This rules are in the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999.

Carriers and carriage service providers can apply to us to be exempt. If you do, we will look at:

  • the extent to which you deal with residential customers in the supply of carriage services
  • the extent to which you deal with proprietors of small businesses in the supply of carriage services
  • the potential for complaints under the TIO scheme about services you provide

We will also consult with the TIO before deciding.

If you have any queries, email

Register of exempt providers


Exemption granted

Oziplex Pty Ltd 26 August 2019

Concerotel Pty Ltd

28 June 2019

Chubb Insurance Australia Ltd

22 August 2017

Grey Cloud Networks Pty Ltd

30 March 2017

Sunshine Coast Regional Council

5 July 2016

Solomons Oceanic Cable Company Limited

22 December 2014

Iridium Australia Licensee Pty Ltd

26 September 2014

Reach Networks Australia Pty Ltd

4 August 2014

Newhome Technologies Pty Ltd

15 July 2014

Eutelsat Asia Pte Ltd

17 March 2014

O3b Teleport Services (Australia) Pty Ltd

8 November 2013

Silcar Pty Ltd

3 July 2013

East West Line Parks Ltd

2 July 2013

Caprock Communications (Australia) Pty Ltd

20 November 2012

XO International Inc

13 September 2011

Victoria Rail Track (trading as VicTrack)

11 November 2008

SCCL Australia Limited

11 November 2008

CSC Australia Pty Ltd

11 November 2008

Intelsat Asia Carrier Services Inc

11 November 2008

Telenor Mobile Aviation AS

2 April 2007

Inmarsat Global Limited

2 April 2007

Ergon Energy Telecommunications Pty Ltd.

19 May 2004

Southern Cross Telecommunications Pty Ltd

17 July 2001

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