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Australians and news—impartiality and commercial influence

We’ve conducted 3 research projects on news in Australia. These explore current attitudes to news, changing consumption patterns and consumer concerns about impartiality and commercial influence in news in Australia

Quality news is essential for effective participation in democracy and civil society. Ongoing disruption to the media environment has changed consumers’ consumption of news and raised concerns over its integrity. Our research shows that consumers value news and are concerned about these issues.

We’ve used this research to explore whether current regulatory arrangements are working effectively to safeguard the integrity of broadcast news and current affairs. It’s informed a discussion paper that provides a framework for public consultation on these issues.

Find out more about our research program.

Download the research, survey data and questions below.

Please note: The Quantitative research data from charts file was updated on 21 January 2020 to correct minor errors.  Figure 11 in the Attitudes to news today—Impartiality and commercial influence: quantitative research report was also updated on 21 January 2020.  

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