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Misleading or socially irresponsible gambling ads

Rules about what gambling ads can claim or say exist to protect the community.


Rules that apply

The AANA Wagering Advertising and Marketing Communications Code has rules about the content of ads for betting services. For more information or to make a complaint visit Ad Standards.

There are different state and territory rules.

Rules that apply during live sport on TV, radio and online

Gambling ads during live sport on TV, radio and online are not allowed to contain content that:

  • targets children
  • makes exaggerated claims
  • suggests that gambling is a way to achieve success
  • make a connection between betting or gambling and alcohol

If you see or hear this type of content, it may be breaking:

To make a complaint about advertising contact the broadcaster.

You can complain to us about online content services.

Ads for interactive gambling services

Ads for prohibited interactive gambling services are banned on TV, radio and online.

This include online casino-style services and online betting services that accept in-play betting on sports events.

You can complain to us if you believe that a prohibited interactive gambling service has been advertised in Australia.

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