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Gambling ads during live sport on broadcast TV and radio

Before, during and after live sport programs on broadcast TV and radio, rules apply to when gambling ads can be shown. If you think someone has broken the rules, you can make a complaint.

There are rules about when gambling advertising can be shown before, during and after live sport programs on broadcast TV and radio and what those ads can contain.

Who has to follow the rules?

The rules apply to:

  • commercial free-to-air television services
  • commercial radio services
  • subscription broadcast and narrowcast television services
  • subscription narrowcast radio services
  • SBS

They do not apply to:

  • telephone betting services
  • services that stream live sport over the internet
  • pay-per-view broadcasting
  • subscription television sports channels with a low audience share

Rules that apply at all times

During a live sporting event, broadcasters must follow the rules. They must make sure that anyone who represents a gambling organisation is:

  • clearly identified
  • not part of, or a guest of, the commentary team
  • not at (or appear to be at) or around the venue

The rules state that:

  • no gambling advertising or promotion of odds is allowed during play
  • no promotion of odds is allowed during breaks in play (such as half time)
  • no promotion of betting odds by commentators and representatives from gambling services (that are, or appear to be at the venue) are allowed from 30 minutes before play begins until 30 minutes after play

Broadcasters are not allowed to promote any gambling content that is socially irresponsible. For example, the content must not:

  • target children or suggest they are participating in betting or gambling
  • exaggerate how likely someone is to be successful
  • make a connection between betting or gambling and alcohol

Additional rules that apply 5.00am to 8.30pm

The rules are stronger between 5.00am and 8.30pm, to protect children who may be watching or listening.

No gambling advertising or promotion of odds is permitted from 5 minutes before the published scheduled start of play, until 5 minutes after play, including during breaks.

Exceptions to the additional rules

Some types of event and promotion do not have to follow the additional rules. These include:

  • broadcasts of horse, harness or greyhound racing
  • accidental and incidental references to gambling, such as signage or players’ uniforms
  • advertisements or promotions for government lotteries, lotto, Keno or contests
  • promotions of entertainment or dining facilities where betting or gambling takes place

Make a complaint

You need to make a complaint to the broadcaster if you think they have broken the rules.

Responsible gambling

If you or someone you know might have an online gambling problem, we recommend that you seek help through Gambling Help Online. If you choose to gamble online, always check that the provider is operating legally.

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