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Give up your accreditation

You can give up your accreditation if you don't want to be an accredited person anymore. Under certain circumstances, we may also cancel your accreditation.

Give up your accreditation

If you don't want to be an accredited person anymore, you should tell us. 

You can send us an email.

You should include your name and accreditation number in the email.

Why we might cancel your accreditation

We may cancel your accreditation if you:

  • haven't provided services as an accredited person for more than 2 years
  • gave false information in your application
  • don't follow the procedures we set to coordinate a frequency

If we plan to cancel your accreditation, we will write to you and tell you. 

You may reply to us and say why you should keep your accreditation. In some cases, you will need to provide evidence. 

If we decide to cancel your accreditation, you can ask us to review the decision

The Accreditation - Prescribed Certificates - Principles 2014 explains how we may cancel your accreditation. 

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