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Apply to be an accredited person

If you have the skills and qualifications we require, you can apply to be an accredited person. 

Qualifications to be an accredited person

We require you to have appropriate qualifications. The qualifications must have a significant part that relates to radio frequency communications.

This can be:

  • a qualification from an Australian TAFE institution
  • an appropriate Australian tertiary qualification
  • an overseas qualification that the Department of Education and Training recognises

When we assess your application, we will also consider your skills and relevant work experience. 

How we assess equal qualifications

We consider a number of factors to decide if your skills and experience are equal to what we require.

These may include:

  1. the entry requirements for the course
  2. the level of study needed to complete the course
  3. the depth and level of subjects studied
  4. whether industry recognises the course

How we assess equal experience

There is no minimum level of experience.

But we will consider your experience:

  1. in frequency assignment, for example as a frequency assigner
  2. as a radio communications network designer, or site manager

You will need to provide referees who can confirm your experience. 

Indemnity insurance

You must have professional indemnity insurance to be an accredited person, unless a government body employs you. 

The insurance must be for up to $2 million. It can be in your name, or your organisation's name.

If it's in your organisation's name, you can only issue certificates in your work as an accredited person under that name.

You must give us a copy of your insurance policy when you apply. When the policy is due to expire, you must send us a copy of your new certificate. 

We recommend you keep your insurance for no less than 5 years, even if you (or we) cancel your accreditation. This protects you if there are issues with work you completed as an accredited person.

People who don't need insurance

People who are employed by government do not need insurance.

This means you are:

  • employed by the Commonwealth or a State or Territory Government
  • employed by a body corporate for a public purpose under a law of the Commonwealth or a State or Territory
  • employed by a body corporate incorporated under a law of the Commonwealth or a State or Territory Government (and the government has a controlling interest)
  • a member of the Australian Defence Force

Apply to be an accredited person

To apply to be an accredited person, complete the application form

You will need to tell us:

You may also need to complete a deed of indemnity.

You do not need this if the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 covers your employment.

For other employment, you will need to complete one of the following:

Only people can apply to be an accredited person. Companies cannot apply. 

Send us your application

You can email us your application.

Or, you can mail it to:

Customer Service Centre
Information and Communications Technology Branch
Australian Communications and Media Authority
PO Box 13112, Law Courts
Melbourne VIC 8010

Application fee

The application fee is $488. 

When we receive your application we will send you an invoice. You can pay by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or credit card. 

We do not refund this fee if your application is unsuccessful.

When we assess your application

We will assess your application as soon as possible. We may contact you if we need more information. 

We will write to you and tell you our decision.

If we refuse your application, you can ask us to review our decision

If we accredit you, we will give you a certificate. Your certificate will show what work you can do as an accredited person. 

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