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Ask us to review our decision on a licence

If you're unhappy with what we decide about a radiocommunications licence, you can ask us to review our decision. 

What you can ask us to review

We manage licensing for radiocommunications in Australia. 

When we decide whether to grant a licence, we think about how to best protect Australia's spectrum frequencies and the people who use them.

You can only ask us to review a licence decision we make if it affects you directly. You cannot ask us to review a decision we make that affects someone else.

We list the types of decisions you can ask us to review in the application for review of a decision

Asking us to review a decision is not the same as:

  • giving feedback
  • making a complaint about our service
  • making a complaint about a program

If you wish to give feedback or complain about our service, call our customer service centre on 1300 850 115 or email us

If you are unhappy with how we handle your complaint, you can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman

If you are unhappy about a program, you can complain about something on TV or radio. 

How to ask for a review

To ask for a review, complete an application for review of a decision.

We will review your application and tell you what we decide.

If you are still unhappy with what we decide you can appeal to the:

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