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Gambling ads during sport streamed over the internet

Services that allow you to watch sport over the internet or via an app must follow specific rules when they advertise gambling or betting odds. If you think someone has broken the rules, you can make a complaint.


To protect children from gambling, always use internet content filtering options.

Most providers that stream live sports content must follow the Online Content Service Provider Rules 2018. These rules are slightly different from the rules for TV and radio broadcasters. Some exemptions apply and streaming companies can apply for an individual exemption.

Rules that apply at all times.

Additional rules that apply 5.00am to 8.30pm.

Sporting events outside Australia

If you are streaming a sporting event overseas, the company providing that service must follow the rules if:

  • it targets people who are in Australia
  • any of the content is likely to appeal to the public in Australia

Live sporting events in different time zones

The rules apply to the time zone of the person using the streaming service in Australia. It does not matter what time the live sports event is taking place.

Businesses that provide streaming services must consider the time zone of all potential viewers across Australia.

Sports excluded from the rules

Some sports are not classified as ‘sporting events’ in the rules. The Online Content Service Provider Rules do not apply to:

  • horse racing
  • harness racing
  • greyhound racing

Online simulcast services

If an online service streams identical content at the same time, or almost the same time as a live broadcast, they have to follow the broadcast rules. If the online stream is not identical to the broadcast, it must follow all parts of these online rules.

Online betting services that are licensed in Australia

Online services that are licensed in Australia are exempt from parts 3 and 4 of the Online Content Service Provider Rules. They have to follow all other parts of these rules.

Individual exemptions

Companies can apply for an exemption to all or part of the rules. We may allow this and, if we do, we may set some conditions.

Any company with an exemption appears on the list of individual exemptions that we maintain.

To apply, complete the individual exemption application form. We assess applications using the criteria in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (Schedule 8).

Responsible gambling

If you or someone you know might have an online gambling problem, we recommend that you seek help through Gambling Help Online. If you choose to gamble online, always check that the provider is operating legally.

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