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Find a registered cabler

A registered cabler can install or repair all communications cabling in your home or office. They cannot install or repair cabling owned by a carrier or NBN.

Make sure the cabler you choose is registered.

Using a registered cabler gives you peace of mind. They understand the Australian standards that keep customers, cablers and the network safe.

Search for a registered cabler

We can’t recommend individual cablers. To find a registered cabler in your state or territory, search the Australian Registered Cablers website.

You’ll also find cablers in the Yellow Pages® directory, listed under:

  • Computer Equipment — Installation and Networking
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Fire Protection Equipment and Consultants
  • Security Systems and/or Consultants
  • Telephones and Systems — Installation and/or Maintenance

Identify a registered cabler

When choosing a cabler, ask to see their proof of registration. If a cabler is registered, they will do the following:

  • Show you their registration card. You can check their registration is current by contacting their registrar.
  • Provide you with a signed completion form at the end of the job. This is a mandatory form that shows what they did and states that it meets all the relevant standards. This is sometimes incorporated into your cabler’s invoice or is a separate signed form (a TCA1).
  • Keep copies of completion forms for 12 months, in case the ACMA audits them.

They may give you Cabling Advice Form TCA2 if they see existing cabling that does not meet the standards. This is so you can decide what action to take.

How to check the registrars’ databases

5 registrars manage all cabler registrations on behalf of the ACMA. To check that the cabler has a current registration:

  • look at the first letter of their registration card to see which registrar they used 
  • contact the registrar or search their registration database
List of cabler registrars
Registration number Search the registrar's database
A###### Australian Cabler Registration Service (ACRS)
####### Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL)
B##### BICSI Registered Cablers Australia (BRCA) Register
F###### Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) Register
T###### TITAB Australia Cabler Registry Services (TITAB ACRS) Register
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