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Complain about cablers or cabling work

If you have a complaint about a cabler or any cabling or wiring work they have done, we can investigate. We manage cabling issues and ensure that the work complies with regulations.

What we investigate

We investigate reports and complaints if:

  • someone is working as a cabler without the correct registration
  • a cabler has not followed the Cabling Provider Rules
  • cabling products are not correctly labelled
  • the work does not meet installation standards or other regulations.

What we do not investigate

We do not regulate or investigate the quality of work, such as messy or visible cabling. We can only act if the cabler is not registered (or supervised) or if they have breached the Wiring Rules.

If you are unhappy with cabling work completed in your home or office:

  • Contact the person or company who completed the work.
  • If you are still not able to resolve the situation, contact your local consumer affairs or fair trading office.

Action against non-compliant cablers

If a cabler does not comply with the regulations, we may do one of the following:

  • issue a formal warning notice to the cabler
  • notify the telecommunications carrier of non-compliance. The carrier may disconnect dangerous cabling from the network
  • prosecute the cabler in court, for non-compliance. This may result in a conviction by a fine

 Submit your complaint using the online cabling complaint form.

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