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Explore or extract resources around submarine cables

Petroleum and minerals may be found on or under the seabed. To protect submarine cables, there are rules on what you can do to explore and extract in protection zones.

Protection zones for submarine cables

Submarine cables can be easily damaged. Any damage can stop the flow of voice and data information to and from Australia.

Under Schedule 3A to the Telecommunications Act 1997, we have set protection zones for some cables.

We ban or restrict certain activities in these zones.

There are 3 protection zones for the cables:

To explore and extract in protection zones

Before you start exploring or exploiting resources, you must consult with each cable owner about:

  • the planned activities
  • how you will prevent your activities from interfering with or damaging the cables

Read the legal declarations for the Sydney Protection Zones and the Perth Protection Zone.

To explore and extract outside protection zones

There are a number of submarine cables outside the Sydney and Perth protection zones.

Find the owners of any nearby cables and discuss your activities before you do anything.

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