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Apply to install a submarine cable

If you want to install a submarine cable in Australian waters you will need to know the rules.

You may need a permit from us before you go ahead.

The permits you need

As a telco, you need a permit from us to install:

  • an international submarine cable inside or outside a protection zone
  • a domestic submarine cable in a protection zone

You do not need a permit from us to install a domestic cable outside a protection zone.

Each state and territory has laws you must follow to install cables in their waters. Check what they require you to do before you install.

How to apply for a permit

Follow these steps to apply for a permit to install a submarine cable.

Step 1

Read our Guide to Applying for a Submarine Cable Installation Permit.

Step 2

Complete and send to us your Application for a permit to install a submarine cable in Australian waters.

Once we issue a permit, it is valid for 18 months.

Extend your permit

Before the permit expires, you can apply to us to extend it for 180 days.

You must apply before your permit expires. We cannot accept a request to extend your permit once it expires.

Write to us and tell us the reason why you need to extend your permit. Include a project plan with key dates and milestones. These may include:

  • when you will complete a marine route survey
  • other permits and when you will get them
  • suppliers and their contract dates
  • cable manufacture and assembly
  • cable landing facilities
  • the date you will start to lay cable
  • the date you propose to be ready for service

Email us this information at:

There is no limit on how many times you ask us to extend your permit. There is a non-refundable fee of $1414 for each request you make.

We will write to you and tell you our decision. If we do not extend your permit, we will explain the reasons.

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