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Apply to protect a submarine cable

You can apply to us to protect and secure your submarine cable.

We will consider whether your cable should have a special zone that limits people's activities around it. The zone helps the cable remain secure and reliable.

Ask for a protection zone

Follow these steps to ask us to declare a protection zone for your submarine cables.


Step 2

Contact us to discuss your application, and the information you need to send to us.

The Manager
Technical Regulation and Carrier Infrastructure Section
PO Box 13112 Law Courts
Melbourne VIC 8010
Tel: 03 9963 6800


Step 3

We need to see that you have installed an international submarine cable or are about to do so. You need to give us:

  • the name of the person(s) and/or company(s) that will install the cable
  • copies of relevant contracts and regulatory approvals
  • dates for when you will start and finish installing the cable
  • detailed route information including the ‘international’ connection

If your plans are not that advanced you can provide:

  • the name of the person(s) and/or company(s) proposing to build the cable
  • technical details for the cable construction
  • information on the proposed funding model and ownership structure for the cable project
  • proposed route information including the ‘international’ connection
  • your progress in obtaining regulatory approvals for landing points in the proposed cable system
  • environmental regulatory approvals and any issues that may arise in this process
  • an assessment of likely demand and commitments for capacity from prospective customers
  • contracts with landing party carriers and backhaul arrangements
  • a project timetable with information about the marine route survey, cable manufacture, cable installation and a date you will be ready for service

We will consider your request and consult with those who use the sea and seabed.

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