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Content rules for community radio and TV

There are content rules for community TV and radio broadcasters.

Sponsorship on community TV and radio

Communities run community TV and radio. They do not make money from these services.  

As a community broadcaster you may broadcast announcements for station sponsors and promotions about community events, charities or emergencies. As a condition of your licence, you must not broadcast advertisements. Check the definition of advertising in the Community broadcasting sponsorship guidelines.

You should also seek your own independent legal advice about your licence conditions under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

Programs on community TV and radio

As a community broadcaster, you must make sure your programs reflect community standards. Check the Community Radio Code Of Practice and the Community TV Code of Practice.

You must also follow the conditions of your licence which are set out in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

We investigate complaints about broadcasters who do not follow the rules. As a result of our investigation, we may take enforcement action.

Participation in community radio and TV

You must encourage members of the community you serve to be involved in the:

  • operations of your service
  • selection and provision of programs

You will find advice and information in our Community Participation Guidelines.

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