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Proposed updates to RALIs LM08, FX16 and FX22

We want your views on our proposed updates to Radiocommunications Assignment and Licensing Instruction (RALI) LM08, FX16 and FX22.

Submissions now public
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    Consultation opened

    16 Oct 2023
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    Consultation closed

    01 Dec 2023
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    Outcome and submissions published

    17 May 2024

Key documents


We received 3 submissions, which you can find at the bottom of this page. 

We have gone ahead with the updates to RALIs LM08, FX16 and FX22. We also made extra provisions to aid the coexistence of apparatus-licensed and spectrum-licensed services. 

The outcomes paper in the key documents box above explains our decisions and summarises the issues raised in submissions. You can access the updated instructions on our RALIs to coordinate frequency page. 

Previous consultation: The issue

In November 2015, we released The ACMA’s long-term strategy for the 803–960 MHz band decision paper. This strategy:

  • outlines a step by step re-configuration of the 803–960 MHz band
  • ensures public benefit from the use of the band is maximised. 

We are now proposing changes to planning arrangements that support the final stage of the long-term strategy. 

The reconfiguration of the 803–960 MHz band resulted in apparatus-licensed services operating in frequency segments that have a smaller frequency offset from 700 MHz band spectrum-licensed services operating below 803 MHz. 

We are proposing to include additional criteria and guidance in RALIs LM08, FX16 and FX22 that will aid coordination between 800 MHz band apparatus-licensed services and 700 MHz band spectrum-licensed services. 

Update (18 October 2023)

In response to stakeholder requests, we have agreed to extend the consultation closing date from 17 November 2023 to 1 December 2023.

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