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ACMA compliance priorities 2021–22

Each year, we target key areas for improved industry compliance. We choose these areas because they can cause harm or have a negative impact on the community.  

In 2021–22, we’ll focus on:

Protecting vulnerable telco customers

Protecting telco customers Telcos must follow the rules in the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code. We will continue to focus on how telcos deal with disadvantaged and vulnerable customers, especially how they identify, sell to, and deal with vulnerable Australians.

We’ll also look at whether TCP Code rules are protecting these people properly.


Telco complaints-handling for small business customers

Telco complaints handlingTelcos must follow rules about how they handle complaints, including how long it takes to resolve them. This is especially important for small businesses where phone and internet are crucial services.

We’ll be focusing on telco compliance with complaints-handling rules to reduce harm to small business customers to ensure that they can contact their telco and have complaints handled in a timely way.


5G and EME

5G and EMEThe expanded rollout of 5G technology, including with the use of millimetre wave spectrum, continues to make EME emissions and 5G compliance a priority.

We’ll make sure emissions meet recently revised Australian standards set by the radiation protection agency. We’ll also be monitoring how telcos follow the rules to consult and give accurate information about rollouts or upgrades of 5G networks in local areas.


Phone scams

Phone scamsPhone scams, including mobile number fraud, have severe financial and social impacts on Australians.

Our new rules require telcos to identify, trace and block scam calls, and use better ID checks when transferring mobile numbers to other providers. We’ll be making sure telcos follow these rules and will consider if any changes are needed to strengthen them.


Financial services marketing

Financial services marketingUnlawful financial services marketing by SMS, email and phone can cause serious harm, particularly to people in vulnerable circumstances. We will build on our ongoing work, including by looking at pay-day loans and financial advice services marketing.

We will focus on whether businesses can prove they have consent to contact people, are stopping marketing when asked, and are ensuring their suppliers follow the rules.


Online gambling – affiliate services

Online gamblingWe’ve been disrupting illegal offshore gambling activity since 2017. We’re now focusing on affiliate services – websites that advertise or promote online gambling services and provide links to them.

We’ll be investigating if these affiliate services are breaking advertising laws or helping to provide illegal gambling services in Australia.

Next up: Our EME compliance strategy
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