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Planning and priorities

We set strategic plans and priorities to guide our work and the benefits we aim to deliver.

Corporate plan

Our corporate plan is prepared annually and is our primary strategic planning document.

Compliance priorities

Our compliance priorities outline our key areas of focus for the year. They will guide our efforts to deliver effective compliance and, where necessary, targeted enforcement action.

Statement of intent

Our statement of intent responds to the Australian Government’s statement of expectations outlining its expectations of us.

Review of the ACMA

On 12 June 2015, the then Minister for Communications announced that the Department of Communications and the Arts would conduct a wide-ranging review into the ACMA.

On 22 May 2017, the Australian Government released the final report of the ACMA review and its response.

For more information about the review, visit the Department of Communications and the Arts website.

Next up: Compliance priorities 2020–21
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