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Complain about ads on TV or radio

Find out who can help if you have a complaint about advertising on TV or radio. You may want to complain about the timing or content of ads, or how loud or frequent they are. Often, you need to contact the broadcaster first, not us.

Complain to Ad Standards

Contact Ad Standards to complain about content in ads relating to:

  • the portrayal of sex/sexuality/nudity
  • the portrayal of people
  • language
  • violence
  • health and safety in advertisements
  • motor vehicles
  • alcoholic drinks
  • advertising to children.

Complain to the ACCC or Office of Fair Trading

Contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) or your local Office of Fair Trading if you think an ad is:

  • not truthful
  • inaccurate.

Complain to the broadcaster

Broadcasters have to follow the standards and rules.

Complain to the broadcaster if you have an issue with:

  • the scheduling or placement of an ad
  • how many ads
  • how loud an ad is on TV
  • the placement of ads for alcohol
  • the placement of ads for gambling
  • the content of gambling ads during live sport.

Complain to us

You can complain to us about:

  • ads for alcohol during children’s programs with a C or P rating
  • the tagging of political matter (including election and referendum ads)
  • election ads during an election blackout period
  • referendum ads during a referendum blackout period
  • ads you think you have seen or heard for tobacco
  • the placement of ads for gambling during live sport streamed online
  • the content of ads for gambling during live sport streamed online
  • ads that are on community TV or radio.
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